Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gezin - Finally

I finally got a host (welcome...i guess) family! It's nice to rest assured for the next six days that I know where I'll be for the first two months of my exchange. I'll be living with the Albertmeiers, which consists of Birgit & Erik, and their children Dennis (9) and Sonja (7). They live in Waalre, a small town of 16,000 which reminds me a lot of Shaker. The town is very close to Eindhoven, a city of 200,000, easing my mind a little bit. My host mother seems to be some kind of Microsoft Office expert, which means I doubt it will be hard to keep up with people during the trip! They seem very nice from the minimal corrspondence I've had with them in the past 24 hours and they're happy to have me! My placement with them depends on how well the children adjust to my presence at the house - if all goes well, I stay! If not, I move to another family in Waalre. Below I've added a picture of my house! The small window on top is my room, another year on the third floor - score.

Well, now I pack and get ready! Less than a week. Here goes nothing.

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