Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I've always found my way somehow - taking the long way around"

Today is my last day in Shaker. The Shaker I have grown to love and consider my hometown. I would not have guessed five years ago the immeasurable sorrow I feel leaving this world I have made behind. While there is such sadness in leaving, I look ahead and see this adventure, my adventure - waiting to be taken advantage of! I love my friends in Shaker more than anything and I wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

In other news, the suitcases are packed, they've been weighed at UPS (cutting it close), the goodbyes are beginning to be said, all that I have left to do is pack up my toothbrush (and such) as well as the residence permit paperwork. I will depart for JFK at 1:10 pm tomorrow to sit through an orientation I've already braved, I will then fly to Zurich and arrive in Europe around noon Friday. By 2:30 pm I will be in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm ready to meet the Albertsmeiers and get down to life in Waalre but I understand how much I will miss Shaker, my friends, and especially my family.

So cheers - to friends, to family, and to adventure.

See you in the Netherlands.

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