Monday, September 21, 2009

Keeping Things Updated

I was going to wait a while to post but there really is no better time than now because I am sick as a dog! So allow me to retell the events of my weekend and Monday so we can all better understand my situation. I must have the swine flu, I feel completely terrible. This is being written post crashing from Efteling and I need to figure out how to sleep through the night! Anyways, on to the chronology of it all!

First I would like to address the negativity of my last blog. I understand it was very down in the dumps and all but you must bare with me. If I am to update this blog as much as people are telling me to then there are going to be some crumby moments! I can't just gloss over it like a person that writes every month and can just exhibit the highlights. I am being real here, sometimes slightly exaggerated real but nonetheless I'm trying. If you would like a happier blog I am 100% available to direct you to one with more smiley emoticons. There will be happy posts (i.e. I have very nice things to write today so cool your jets!).

Friday evening my good friend Ivy showed up in Waalre, we hung out and got our chat on for a little while then decided it was time to go out! We biked into Eindhoven and went to the Stratumseind (which is the longest street of bars in all Europe!). We had fun and were very responsible. Yes. It's true. We biked home and went to bed and everything. All went off without a hitch. The next day we went back into town with Maria (Brasil), it was fun. 

Sunday not much occurred except, oh nevermind I did stuff Sunday what am I talking about. Ok so in the early afternoon we went to this rock concert in Waalre. I was surprised they found a place to fit all this stuff in this tiny town! I was impressed. It was really cool though. Although the music was a little hard for me, it was nice still to do something and the kids enjoyed it. They stayed a little longer than me because there were a lot of activities for children. In the evening I took a bike ride with Erik, we did the lichtsjerout (light route) in Eindhoven. A good 40 some km are decked out with street lights kinda like Christmas but here it's to commemorate the freeing of the Netherlands at the end of WWII. We got like 26 km but Erik is a speed demon on those bikes! Jesus. But it was nice...quite tiring though.

Ok now comes the BIG story. Efteling and my current state! I woke up this morning and was like, "wow, my throat really hurts." But I persevered, I'm that kind of person. We drove the hour to Efteling and it was so cool! I'm going to put pictures on Facebook although I am not in any and it's just the attractions but whatever it was cool. Too bad about an hour or two in I started dying! Headache, sore throat, chills, achy, the whole SHEBANG! It was veritably horrible. I couldn't even go on many rides eventually because I felt so sick - and I do like rides! My favorite part is there were like no lines and it was very different from an American amusement park because when I say it was family oriented, I mean it. Tons of kids and families and very sparce in terms of the obnoxious people that often show up at places like Cedar Point. So we got to about lunch time and we ate. Pofertjes. They are these little fried dough things that are like pancakes and you put syrup or whatever have you on them. I saw them on an add when I went to the Hague and let me tell you, one had never before touched my lips but they were already my favorite food. So we ate those (god like), which there were not enough of may I add. 

After lunch my condition worsened. Not much exciting happened because I was like a walking zombie (I still feel like this by the way). Ok here comes the piece de resistance (ignore my lack of accents, Frenchies). After I could do no more than sit on a bench while they went on rides (I was ok with this, didn't want to spoil their fun). So then, Birgit had been bugging me whether or not I needed a wheelchair, I thought this would be rather silly and turned her down numerous times, until I finally said yes! This is the let me tell you of let me tell yous...It was bliss! I got pushed around a park in a wheelchair! I have pictures and everything, it was too good to pass up. The best part was I didn't even get any dirty looks from people! I was just another kid in a wheelchair. I did feel a little bad because there were loads of people in wheelchairs and they were all handicapped or old...whereas I was just uhm...not. They finished up the park while I sat and people watched in my new throne, some people who had seen me earlier in the day (I never forget a face!) did give me the up down but who cares I was having the time of my life (or at least the timiest of my life I could while feeling the way I did)! It was truly an excellent experience. It's unfortunate I didn't get to truly experience Efteling but I'm sure if I want there will be other opportunities...

Now here is where I post the picture of my favorite part of life:

Before I end this I would like to add one thing. I am very happy with how things are going in the Netherlands as of now. I have my down days, some of which I express on here. But the truth is I really enjoy my family, town, and school. The adjustment is just very difficult and for me involves venting ocassionally. I just do not want people concerned with my state here, like I said, I really care about my family and especially now as I feel completely down and out sick they are being enormously helpful. I hope everyone can understand this roller coaster of emotions and hang in there with me for good times to keep coming (like this upcoming weekend! I better be healthy).

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carol bell said...

Glad you remember the up and down moments are normal. You are doing great. I know you will improve your Dutch. Just keep hanging in there. I am enjoying your blog. It is much nicer to hear your feelings than just see pics and hear only the "postcard" moments.